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ROE rauh.

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ROE rauh.

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1925: The company is founded in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany by Ernst Roederstein.
In its early years, the company develops various electronic components, concentrating on foil capacitors.

1946: The company relocates to Landshut, Germany.

1948: The company RESISTA is formed. It produces resistors in Schierling and Pfaffenberg, Germany.

1950: The company ERO STARKSTROM KONDENSATOREN GmbH is formed. It produces heavy-current capacitors in Landshut, Germany.

1955: The company ROEDERSTEIN UND TÜRK KG is formed. It produces aluminum electrolytic capacitors in Kirchzarten, Germany.

1957: The company ERO TANTAL KONDENSATOREN GmbH is formed. It produces tantalum capacitors in Landshut.

1958: ERNST ROEDERSTEIN GmbH starts partial production in Fürstenstein, Germany.

1960: RESISTA GmbH moves production facilities from Landshut to Pfaffenberg, Germany.

1963: The company KESTAFIL is formed. It produces ceramic capacitors in Schierling and Pfaffenberg, Germany.

1964: A new administration building for FIRMENGRUPPE ROEDERSTEIN (the Roederstein Group) opens in Landshut.

1965: ROEDERSTEIN UND TÜRK KG starts partial production in Passau-Grubweg, Germany. KESTAFIL GmbH moves production facilities from Landshut to Schierling, Germany.

1969: ROEDERSTEIN ELECTRONICA Portugal Lda. is founded in Famalicão, Portugal.

1979: ROEDERSTEIN ELECTRONICS, INC. is founded in Statesville, North Carolina.

1980: DITRATHERM Halbeiter-Vertrieb GmbH is founded in Landshut.

1981: A new shipping center is built in Landshut-West.

1984: New factories are built in Kirchzarten, Pfaffenberg, and Famalicão.

1992: VISHAY acquires an initial 19% interest in ROEDERSTEIN.

1993: VISHAY acquires the remaining 81% interest in ROEDERSTEIN. Roederstein is a leading European and U.S. manufacturer of film capacitors, aluminum capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, thick film chip resistors, and hybrid circuits. It has facilities in Germany, Portugal, and the U.S.


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