Shipping cost

The costs of standard shipping start from € 9.50 and will be calculated automatically based on your shipment address.
The shipping costs include VAT.


We will send your order via Post NL parcel post with track and trace or, if possible, as a letterbox package (no track & trace).
Orders are currently shipped within 2 days as much as possible. All our products are checked before they are sent to you to make sure you can expect something good.


Online Parts Outlet tries to send your order as soon as possible. The term of delivery varies per country. In general, you will receive the order between 1 and 14 days. The delivery time also depends on which payment method you choose.



Canceling an order is free of charge as long as it has not yet been sent.
If you cancel the order after it has been sent to you, you must refuse the package upon delivery. If Electronic Parts Outlet has already received a payment from you, we will refund the purchase price to you after proper receipt of the return. The shipping costs incurred will be deducted from this (only if you refuse the order at the door and let the delivery person take it unopened).


Don't like your product? That can happen, we don't make a problem with exchanging.

Money Back

You can also simply return your product if you do not like it, then we will refund your money within 14 days. Also for any shipping costs incurred when ordering.


Before we send the product, it is checked for damage. Despite the extra check, it is possible that the product is still damaged during shipment. If the product arrives at you damaged, you must notify us by e-mail within a maximum of 3 days. You can send this email to [email protected]

14 days cooling-off period

You have 14 days with us to assess whether your purchase is satisfactory. Until then, you can still return your product. You can view the product, just like in the store, but you must keep it intact. If you are not sure whether you can still exchange the product or not, please contact us via 0515 85 60 81 or [email protected]

If you really don't like the product, you must return the product to us within 14 days in the original packaging and not used. Below is exactly what you should do in this situation. The shipping costs for the return are for your own account.

How do I return a product?

If you want to use our return service, you can do so by filling in our return form that you can download here. Fill out the form and please send it to [email protected] so that we can assess and sort out your return as soon as possible. Complete the form completely and include it with the return shipment.

We will contact you to ask if you want to return the product well packed. Put it in the original packaging to the return address below and frank it sufficiently. Sorry, but we are not responsible for damage that may occur or the loss of the shipment during return transport. To prevent this, you can send the shipment by registered mail so that you are sure that it arrives well with us.

We also need your bank account number to repay amounts already paid (when paying in advance). Do not forget to mention the IBAN and BIC/Swift numbers of your own bank.

Please note: the account number you provide for the refund must be the same as the account number from which you made the payment to Electronic Parts Outlet. This is in connection with any fraud with refunds. 

Return address:

Electronic Parts Outlet

Jacobshof 2

8603 GE Sneek

The Nederlands

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