What You See Is What You Get!

All our products in the shop are accompanied by one or more pictures that show the Manufactorer, model, shape and state of the product. If our stock exists of more than one manufacturer of a certain component then this will be mentioned in the product details. So if we show you a Toshiba Transistor, we will send you a Toshiba transistor. Nor will we sent any kind of replacement model.

Old School Quality

The products we sell are produced by descent, sometimes obsolete, manufacturers like siemens, philips, ncr, etc. that had an eye for quality. We absolutely do not and will not sell any cheap chinese products with copied labels or no label at all.

The beauty of seniority

Our products are new and never used, but from old stock (Called NOS). Some still have their original packaging. These components show their class by the wear of time. For example, silvered parts can show a black patina due to oxidation. This won't do harm and even is a good indicator for age and indentity.


While we are building this business from scratch, the thruth is we still need our daily job to earn a living. This means that we do our utmost best to answer questions and deliver products as quickly as possible and use most of our spare time will be spent in managing this shop and its stock, but we can't garantee 24hour delivery at the moment. We would like to, but that hardly depents on you to order these fine products and spread the word!

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